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Jackie Scott, 38, Daleview Art's English Teacher.
Mother of Wynter Scott.

Miss Scott

I almost forgot.

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He smiled and nodded, looking down at her. “Good.” he said and chuckled softly. “Ever smelt scented tissues? They’re pretty crazy.” he said and nodded, looking up to the tv to see the movie loading. He grinned to himself and kept his eyes on the tv to watch the little disks light up and then the movie start. Once the screen went to that green warning sign before the preview, or whatever, he sat down next to her on the couch. “I trust you to protect me.” he said and looked at her, trying to keep a straight face. “If Michael Meyers comes through that door, you’re getting a meat cleaver or something because I’m going to find a way out of here.” he said and then chuckled. “Nah… I wouldn’t leave you.” he said and looked back to the tv, thinking some. “Actually… I dunno what I’d do.” he said and looked back to her, shrugging his shoulder slightly. He’d probably run with her, and where would he run to that Michael Meyers wouldn’t know… He had no idea.

Chris ran a hand through his hair and he readjusted himself on the couch so he was more comfortable. He laughed softly and looked to her, “I’ll protect you because you’ll protect me. But I have a feeling if we’re in the same room and hear a noise we’d both be paranoid.” he said and took some popcorn to put into his mouth again. “Ok, you can be my horror movie buddy.” he said with a smile, looking to her. “I mean, I love my friends but-” he stopped himself and shrugged. She was obviously a better movie buddy…. He’d rather watch movies with her than his two friends, if that was a little mean he didn’t mean it that way. He just-… Nevermind.

Looking at him she looked confused and shook her head. “I haven’t ever smelt them, I’ve heard of them though.” She said with a laugh, finding it a little funny that Chris seemed so in love with the scented tissues, she made a mental note to pick some up the next time she went to the store, you know, just in case they ever needed to use them. As the film started to come on she felt her heart jump a little, as if her body was preparing for the scare fest that was about to hit them. “Good.” She simply said, a smile teasing at her lips as she tried to keep her own face straight as she looked at Chris. “Yes, I’ll be the bait whilst you get out of here harm free.” Jackie said with a laugh. “I’m glad you wouldn’t leave me.” She replied, looking at him for a little longer than she probably should have done, shaking her head quickly she turned her head back to the tv as he turned to look at her, making her instantly feel like a little girl staring at her crush, was he her crush, she didn’t know, okay, she had to stop thinking about that. “I think I’d use you as my human shield.” She said simply, raising her brow before popping a piece of popcorn in her mouth.

Folding her legs underneath her she leant back into the sofa, her body relaxing instantly as she got comfortable. “That sounds like a good plan.” She nodded, Jackie could manage protecting him if he protected her. “If I hear anything in here after watching these films, I’m sleeping in your room for the next few days.” Her voice had a serious tone running through it, and it was true, she probably wouldn’t stay in her room if she heard something in there. “It’s a deal.” Jackie replied with a toothy grin, she liked the thought of being his movie buddy, none of the girls enjoyed horror films, so it was nice to know someone who did, and having a handsome man to sit and protect you for the numerous amount of hours wasn’t a bad thing, was it?

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He had never seen P.S I Love You and he fell asleep during The Notebook when a friend tried to get him to watch it. He did like some romantic movies, but he was just tired during The Notebook… He smiled softly at her when she gave him a nudge, “Well, when we watch those just make sure we buy a box of tissues.” he smiled softly and looked down at her. He gave her a smile and shrugged, “Like I said if you really, really, with all of your heart want to watch those then I’ll watch them.” he said and shrugged softly. No, he didn’t necessarily want to watch those right now, but he would watch them if she really wanted to.

Chris offered her a small smile and he nodded softly. He really did want to know the way into her heart… Because, y’know, it was only fair if she knew his. Maybe it was also because he was starting to have some feelings for her. Feelings that he probably wouldn’t admit now, feelings that he denied every time a student brought it up. He pushed that thought into the back of his mind as well. Chris smiled at her and shrugged when she did. “No, but honestly, I’ll be a little creeped out tonight and tomorrow night.” he admitted with a nod. “Then after that I’ll be fine.” he said and glanced down at one of the cases. “Michael Meyers scares the ssshh-.. Crap out of me. Like Chuckie.” he said and then looked back to her. He needed to stop cussing… It wasn’t good for the soul and whatnot. It was a bad habit for him and not many people seemed to mind, so he hoped she didn’t. He watched her walk over to the tv to put the movie in a push play. He took a seat next to her on the couch when she padded the spot next to her. He leaned back into the couch and got comfortable, only to reach forward and grab some candy to place in his mouth. He took the popcorn bowl and put it in between them. His brown eyes went to glance at her as he leaned back into the couch before looking back to the screen. “I’ve only seen these once.” he said with a laugh, “I’ve been to scared and my two buddies won’t watch them with me. And I don’t trust them enough because I know they’ll scare me.” he said and glanced back to her with a laugh. “But y’know, friends are friends.” he said and placed some more popcorn in his mouth, watching the screen.

Nodding, Jackie smiled and looked up at him. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I have a full box of tissues just for you.” The cheeky glint in her eye told him she was joking, but she was sure he didn’t mind, that was just one of the many things she could say she loved about him, that she knew she could have a joke with him and he wouldn’t take it to heart. “Don’t worry, we can watch them another time, tonight is for us to watch scary films and for me to protect you.” The blonde said with a shrug, she was actually looking forward to watching the films, it had been a while since she’d watched a film of any sort, but horror was certainly dancing on her taste buds.

Jackie looked at the floor slightly and smiled, she appreciated the fact that he wanted to know the way to her heart, and that he was actually willing to work to find out what it was made said heart flutter. It was at that point that she actually realised that maybe she liked Chris more than she let herself believe and every time a student brought it up that now more than ever she was going to have to lie about it. Looking back up at him as she spoke she nodded. “Yeah, that’s the same with me, so I might just need you to protect me for the next couple of nights.” Jackie replied, tonguing the inside of her cheek slightly. Watching as he sat down she grinned and took a handful of popcorn, putting pieces in her mouth. “I’ll be your horror movies friend, don’t worry about your boys.” Jackie said with a smile and a nod.

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Exhausted, ughhh.

Exhausted why my love?

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